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The Animals...

School programs include up to 12 live animals (subject to availability). Birthday parties include between 16 and 20.


In addition to those featured below, we house MANY MORE AMAZING ANIMALS, including a fascinating array of SNAKES, LIZARDS, INSECTS, ARACHNIDS and MORE!  

Lucy (Sugar Glider)

Like her famous cousins the Koala and Kangaroo, Lilly has a small pouch used for the gestation of baby Gliders (Joeys). Full grown she is only 12inches from head to tail! Like the flying squirrel, sugar gliders have the amazing ability to glide up to 150feet.

Rex (Hedgehog)

While he definitely scores high on the cute-o-meter, you wouldn't want to cuddle up too close to this guy. To protect himself, Harrison is covered in sharp spiky hair called quills. When threatened, he will curl up into a ball protecting his face, legs, and soft underbelly.

FRANNY (Short Tailed Opossum)

Franny might look like a rat, but don't tell her that! This amazing marsupial is found in Brazil. She is very curious and loves to meet new people. When born this amazing animal is not much larger than a grain of rice!

Ruby (Costa Rican Milk Snake)

Ruby is one of many animals we have cared for since she was a baby. From a mere 5 inches, Ruby has now reached an impressive size of about 5 feet. While her colors might remind you of a venomous coral snake, Ruby is only Bluffing!

Monty (Royal Ball Python)

As a former resident of Kidspace Children's Museum, Monty has now been showing people the gentle side of snakes for more than 15 years. In the wild rather than strike, the Ball Python is know for curling up into a ball when threatened.

Dina (Blue Tongue Skink)

Have you ever had a lizard kiss? Dina our Australian Blue Tongue Skink loves to be held like a baby and give kisses. Her favorite treats include bananas and... dog food! 

Spot (Leopard Gecko)

If you never thought a lizard could be cute, Spot will definitely change your mind! The Leopard gecko from Pakistan seems to have a permanent smile, which is one of many reasons we consider spot one of our favorite reptiles. 

Penny (Sulcata Tortoise)

Like a living lawn mower, Penny loves nothing more than cruising around her outdoor enclosure and munching on fresh blades of grass. Native to Africa, the Suclata Tortoise uses its beautiful powerful legs to dig burrows that can reach depth of more than 25 feet. 

Rosa (Red Knee Tarantula)

While many people see a spider and want to run away, once you meet our red knee tarantula we think you'll feel differently. While she is certainly large, this harmless giant has a sweet disposition and beautiful colors. 

Sweety Pie (Emperor Scorpion)

Remember... you can't always judge a book by it's cover! While the Emperor Scorpion Might look ferocious it's actually quite docile, and less dangerous than a honey bee! Found in African, these scorpions are the giants of the scorpion world, holding the record for the heaviest of the scorpion species!

Hissing Cockroaches

Among the most recognized, are the Giant Hissing Cockroaches from Madagascar. Unlike city roaches, our cockroaches have never been in a trash can, are clean, and safe to touch! We love our roaches!

South American Cave Roaches

It's true... we love our cockroaches!

You will be amazed when we show you this South American species flying ability! Rather than just take off into the air, these guys only have the ability to glide down, which allows us to control this incredible behavior. 

Rexy (T-Rex Skull)

Fortunately, dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years ago, so we've got the next best thing... fossils! In addition to our many museum quality fossil replicas, our dinosaur program also includes lizards and snakes, which help us understand body movement, and possible scale patterns of ancient dinosaurs!

If you'd like to know more about our animals feel free to call. We're happy to answer any questions you might have.