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Create a lasting impression at your next birthday party or special event! Throughout the program, participants will have the opportunity to interact with amazing insects, arachnids, reptiles, and mammals. We can even tailor the program to a specific theme such as bugs, the jungle, even Dinosaurs! Don't forget your camera! Our wildlife expert will make sure to provide some awesome photo opportunities for you and your guests. So, give us a call... we look forward to making your party one your guests will be sure to remember!

"The party was a gem, I'm so glad I booked with you guys. I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or the parents! "

-Ryan Lewis (Birthday Party Parent, LA)

BASIC PACKAGE, $300 plus mileage

45 Minute Interactive Presentation: 25 Children maximum

Our Basic Party Package guarantees a minimum of 16 live animals including; insects, arachnids, reptiles and mammals!

DELUXE PACKAGE, $350 plus mileage

60 Minute Interactive Program: 25 Children maximum

Our Deluxe Package guarantees a minimum of 16 live animals including; insects, arachnids, reptiles and mammals!

PREMIER PACKAGE, $450 plus mileage

90 Minute Interactive Program: 25 Children maximum,

Our Premier Package includes up to 20 live animals, a 60 minute presentation, plus 30 additional minutes after the show to provide your guests with extra special animal interactions and photo opportunities!

CORPORATE/SPECIAL EVENTS, please call for a quote

We can provide a variety of options to suite your individual needs, including a twelve foot live animal display, as well as exciting presentations designed to build confidence, support critical thinking, and encourage team building!  


For the safety of our animals, programs are best presented indoors to avoid complications including: excessive heat, cold, wind, or rain. However, programs may be presented outdoors, should the weather be appropriate (70-80 degrees), which will be determined by our presenter on the program day. All outdoor presentations must include a heavily shaded area of at least 20'x 10' feet. Should we be unable to carry out the presentation due to weather conditions, please have a backup indoor location or the program will be canceled at your expense. 

Los Angeles County: $25.00 mileage fee per location

OC / San Bernardino / Ventura / Riverside: $50-$75 mileage fee per location*

San Diego / Santa Barbara / Kern County: $100-$150 mileage fee per location*

CANCELLATION WITH A MINIMUM OF 48 HOURS NOTICE.........................................FULL REFUND


PHONE: (818) 249-0236